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About us

We welcome you at JAI MAA KALYANI SEVA SAMITI , here we provide you everything about yourself through our experienced astrologer's by giving your date of birth, time and place of birth. As it is well known that the planet effects our life and our personality, in this cycle of life when important planets give negative/positive effects due to their current position in the universe and problems arising through this .. IT IS THE TIME WHEN YOU NEED AN ASTROLOGICAL GUIDANCE THE MOST. Believe us from here your good time starts when you come in touch with an astrologer to solve your problem.

Which astrological sign is yours? We all know our zodiac sign, many of us check the horoscope page in the newspaper each morning before we go off to work. A large majority of us believe that the position of the planets when we were born controls our personality and also determines the events which occur throughout our lives but this is true that everyone is serious about astrology.

We like or dislike we are always interested in astrology because we know that in this shining world if someone can tell anything about our future is only an astrologer. If people were satisfied with electronic TV. or news paper they will never go to an astrologer. As an astrologer we felt that through the rashi fal only which comes in news paper or T.V. is not enough for individual satisfaction that’s why we founded JAI MAA KALYANI SEVA SAMITI.

We also conduct grah shanti and puja for your better prospect in life because this is the only solution to come out of it according to our shastra.

Always remember that we pray to God for your peace and prosperity.

You should have deep hearted believe in God.

Good results can be derived only through God's blessings.

Please keep faith in God and always follow purified path for God's blessing.

We are always there to serve for your betterment .

Our Objectives:


  1. 1. To provide astrological guidance based on the study of horoscope, palm reading, face reading, graphology and other ancient sciences and provide assistance in concluding rituals according to the faith of the needy. To provide precise information about the rashi character, planetary influences, herbal cure , Indian God and Goddess , panchang - the Indian calendar , birth stones/gem stones gallery and all about planets and their features properties & effects on human life , to provide cure by chanting ancient mantra and giving right name for new born according to the Indian rashi.
  2. 2. To work in the field of environment health , education , rural development , human rights , water management , sanitation , tribal affaires , natural calamity and other welfare related activity on non-commercial basis and subject to prevailing laws in India. To act as and to promote social empowerment, woman empowerment, child empowerment, youth empowerment.
  3. 3. To promote, organize and take up health, Education and Welfare programmes for needy woman and children on priority basis, to aid or establish any institution technical or otherwise, to promote education of art, Science or other related fields for the benefit of downtrodden and weaker sections of the society , any research activity for benefit of society, to encourage and promote family welfare activities among needy people.

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Jai Maa Kalyani Seva Samiti
Ram Mandir Marg ,
Civil Lines Allahabad (Prayag)
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+91 7699 123456